What is AHRI?

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AHRI stands for Air-conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Institute.


Prior to 2008, it was known as the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI), which was established in USA in 1953. Its roots extend back to the 1st recorded meeting of industry professionals and manufacturers in New York in 1888. What was initially an informal meeting to set industry standards has grown to be an official association recognised by every country across the globe.



AHRI was established to measure and certify product performance in the HVAC & R industry. Guidelines are set out for manufacturers, governments and consumers to benchmark air conditioning & heating equipment against.


AHRI + Heat Exchangers:

AHRI certification of plate heat exchangers is a perfect way to secure accurate performance evaluations between competitors. Leading suppliers like Alfa Laval can protect their innovation and new product development through AHRI certification. You can find the full list of AHRI certified heat exchanger manufacturers at https://www.ahrinet.org/certification.


Why it’s important for the market:

The combination of engineering, experience and wisdom from a variety of disciplines within AHRI ensures a level playing field for the market to abide by. The result is guaranteed performance and a drive towards a more sustainable environment. It eliminates field acceptance tests on performance and reduces troubleshooting time during commissioning and after start-up.

Read more at AHRI’s official site: https://www.ahrinet.org/about-us.


Why it’s important for you:

By insisting on AHRI, you are guaranteed the performance you need. You can be confident that any equipment bearing AHRI certification has undergone rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure compliance to its stated performance and energy efficiency. Ultimately, you will save energy throughout the lifespan of your Alfa Laval heat exchangers, while creating a more sustainable environment.


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