Product Description

Side-Stream Filtration systems provide the most efficient means of maintaining clean water within a cooling tower.

Due to the nature of cooling tower designs, foreign particles and dust are continuously settling on the basin of the tower. To prevent these particles causing damage to the overall system and forming into harmful substances, it’s necessary to remove and filter these out.
By maintaining a clean cooling tower basin, the potential for legionella growth and ongoing tower maintenance is significantly reduced.


Side-Stream Filtration is the partial filtering of liquid in a system.

As a general rule, side-stream filtration units are sized on 5-10% of the total cooling tower flow rate. Where a balance line exists between multiple cooling towers, a single, sufficiently sized filtration system will serve them all.

We’ve developed an advanced package that’s both compact in design and provides effective filtration that surpasses traditional methods used in the past.

The Masterflow Side-Stream Filtration Package achieves this through its premium screen filter coupled to a BakerBloc or BakerLine pumpset.

It’s completely self-cleaning and has automatic backwashing, as well as an option for dry-run protection. It uses minimal water during backwash, and has volt-free contacts for the BMS. It also uses an eductor system for basin cleanliness. Its materials of construction include thermoplastic and stainless steel PVC rendering, as corrosion-free as possible.


  • GSF06-2 has a 4kW motor and a flow rate range of 1-6L/s
  • GSF11-3 has a 5.5kW motor and a flow rate range of 7-11L/s
  • GSF13-3 has a 5.5kW motor and a flow rate range of 8-13L/s
  • GSF20-4 has an 11kW motor and a flow rate range of 18-20L/s
  • GSF26-4 has a 15kW motor and a flow rate range of 21-26L/s
  • GSF50-6 has an 18.5kW motor and a flow rate range of 33-50L/s

Frequently asked Questions

  • What does side-stream filtration achieve and how are the units installed?

    The main principles to consider are as follows. SSF units help promote the mixing of water treatment chemicals. As filtered water gets pumped back into the cooling tower via eductor nozzles, the water is constantly being agitated, which is an ideal environment to prevent bacteria growth. SSF units help remove sediment that builds up within the cooling tower basin and sump. You can run a single SSF unit between two or more cololing towers via the use of a balancing line.

  • Does your Filtaworx screen filtration help to reduce HCC and leigionella?

    SSF of a cooling tower definitely reduces the risk of possible HCC and legionella detections, especially when you return the filtered water back to the cooling tower basin via agitation nozzles. What the nozzles do is minimise “dead spots” in the basin where bacteria can grow, and the secondary benefit is that the agitated environment mixes the chemicals.

  • How do the backwash operate?

    The rinse controller is basically the “brain” of the filter. It’s a pilot-operated diaphragm valve that sense inlet and outlet pressure across a diaphragm. When the pressure drop (DP) across the filter increases, it pushes the diaphragm against a spring. At about 50kPa DP, this will actuate a backflush or cleaqning cycle by opening the flush valve to drain.

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