Product Description

The BakerBloc end-suction motor pump integrates the renown SW-series EN 733 centrifugal pumps in a close-coupled motor configuration.

This provides a significant reduction in space requirements and an economical alternative to conventional systems. The back-pull-out feature of a long-coupled pump is not lost on the close-coupled when the baseplate is sized and situated correctly.

For standard applications, the pump comes with a cast-iron casing and a stainless steel impeller. For high-pressure applications up to PN25, ductile iron casings and stainless steel impellers are used. For high-pressure or corrosive liquid applications, full stainless steel constructioon is required. For sea water or highly-corrosive liquid applications, full Duplex stainless steel construction is required.


The back-pull-out design enables the pump rotating unit to be removed without disturbing the pipe connections. This advantage reduces service time, resulting in lower maintenance costs and reduced production losses.

This motor pump has a cast-iron casing, and is manufactured to the EN733 (DIN 24255) European Standard.

  • Motor pump only
  • Motor pump mounted on a steel base
  • Stainless steel impeller sizes from 32mm up to 200mm
  • Flow range of 5-200 litres per second

Frequently asked Questions

  • How do I repair a mechanical seal in a pump?

    Repairing or replacing a pump mechanical seal should only be performed by experienced pump technicians. Care must be taken when fitting a mechanical seal and reassembling the pump to ensure correct fitment within manufacturer tolerances and that the seal faces are in the right order.

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