The Right Time to Replace or Repair Your Centrifugal Pump

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Looking for a reliable company that repairs centrifugal pumps? Masterflow Solutions provides excellent repair services and spare parts for your pump.

Some of the most versatile pumps used to move fluids in industrial settings are centrifugal pumps. Most centrifugal pumps are small compared to other types of pumps that give the same output. They are used for different kinds of applications such as circulating freshwater and seawater to cool the main engine of ships.

As they are frequently used, pay close attention to any signs of problems. If you notice some minor issues and leave it unattended, it can often lead to pump failure. Industry experts do not recommend using temporary improvised measures to fix these small issues, since it may hasten pump failure and increase expenses for repair. Even if your pump has a minor flaw, start considering having it repaired or replaced before it’s too late.



No matter how small the leak is, consider having it repaired before it escalates to pump failure. Leakage can be caused by excessive or abnormal pressure, temperature or corrosion, which loosens its mechanical joints and seals. Having your pump repaired may involve tightening loose fasteners around a joint or seal. For major leaks at its shaft, the entire mechanical seal or gasket may have to be replaced.


Reduced Liquid Flow

Several flaws can cause reduced flow in your pump. If you notice the impeller rotating the wrong way, this means the motor is wired inaccurately. This damages the pump components if the impeller backs off the shaft. Debris that clogs the pump inlet or discharge must be cleared out to restore optimal liquid flow. If you notice a worn out impeller, ring or wear plate, the hydraulic capacity of the pump is decreased. Worn out parts cause clearances to open, which reduces the flow due to greater fluid circulation inside the pump.


Abnormal Noise

Rumbling or rattling noises that are usually accompanied by vibration in pumps are a sign of cavitation. This causes powerful shockwaves inside the pump and can incur major damage to both the impeller and pump housing.


Masterflow Solutions is a specialist pump supplier in Sydney that provides onsite repairs, impeller and motor upgrades and more. We also offer a full range of spare pump components if you need a replacement.


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