WINX Stand

Named after the iconic Winx racehorse, the WINX Stand is a world-class host of conferences, gala dinners and exhibitions in Sydney’s Royal Randwick Racecourse. The $47M, 5000 sqm venue can host up to 4000 guests for functions, and 7500 for race day. It boasts a generous array of parking facilities and amenities. 

The stand was built in 2022, with Masterflow being commissioned by the builder’s mechanical contractor as the original supplier of pumps and separators to the project. As the building services indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as hosting a variety of events at a variety of capacities, a flexible HVAC solution was essential.

  • Location:Randwick (NSW)
  • Industry:Community

Our Process:

Masterflow supplied two Chilled Water pumps (CHWPs), each delivering up to 16 l/s of flow rate. These long-coupled, air cooled pumps were connected to 4 pole 18.5 kW motors, and serve the Fujitsu “Airchange” Air Cooled Screw chillers, located on the building’s rooftop plantroom. 

Heating Water Pumps were also needed in this plantroom, with the Masterflow Vertical Multi Stage pump chosen due to its increased efficiency at low flow rates. The pump supplied to this site is capable of delivering 3.9 L/s @390kpa. These were mounted to a tophat base fitted with seismic springs for stability in extreme conditions.  

Each pump is controlled by a VSD to ramp performance up and down according to variation in demand, saving the end user on energy bills while still facilitating peak performance when needed. This is vital given that the venue can be hired for anywhere between a 1600 and 7500 person capacity. 

To keep the closed loop systems clean and optimise them for longevity, a Dn200 air/dirt separator was supplied by Masterflow for the chilled water system, with a Dn80 air/dirt separator supplied for the heated water system. 


The project’s mechanical specification was successfully achieved, with testing of metrics including duty point in single and parallel operation, shut off head pressures, maximum flow and a constant falling head versus quantity curve achieved.

Ensuring the satisfaction of these parameters is standard procedure at Masterflow, but what stood out about this project was the building’s diverse array of use cases. By using a combination of high and low flow rate pumps, with multistage configuration and VSD compatibility, we were able to facilitate the building’s many needs. 

We can share the same expertise and experience that contributes to the service of this building, with you. Share your project details with Masterflow to start a conversation on your needs, and how we can meet them. 

Solutions Used


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