Wagga Wagga Hospital

Wagga Wagga Hospital supports over 40,000 emergencies, 1,100 births and around 11,000 operations each year. Clivet equipment was installed in the new wing.

  • Location:Wagga Wagga (NSW)
  • Industry:Healthcare

What we did

The Wagga Wagga Hospital VRF Unit installation was a supply and commission heat pump VRF to service the critical utility rooms for the new hospital.

Clivet VRF Systems are heat pump systems that can heat and cool simultaneously. They are highly efficient due to their inverter compressors, which allow ramping up and down based on the needs of the space.


The outcome

The specification was quite straightforward, and we met the brief in every aspect.

The Clivet solution provided extra efficiency because of the nature of a VRF Packaged System.

Solutions Used