Product Description

Clivet Air-cooled Chillers & Heat Pumps can be used for commercial heating, commercial cooling and process cooling. We select and design these for buildings where water-cooled chillers are neither practical nor suitable. These systems can provide chilled water, hot water or a combination of both.


Clivet Air-cooled Chillers & Heat Pumps are Eurovent certified. The option of a heat recovery mode for most of the chiller models makes use of wasted energy, reducing energy use and improving the efficiency of the chiller.

Elfo Energy Range

  • 15kW-30kW
  • Also with a hot water 65 degree Celsius heat pump available for hot water applications
  • Available in both cooling only and reversible heat pump configuration with inverter or multiscroll compressors

SpinChiller Range

  • 230kW-1200kW
  • Larger capacities available in modular form
  • Also available in a 4-pipe option
  • All available with heat recovery mode
  • Available in cooling only or reversible heat pump and utilises multistage scroll compressor technology

Thunder Range

  • 35kW-73kW
  • Larger capacities available in modular form
  • Natural refrigerant R290 = GWP of 3
  • Suitable for high temperature water
  • 3 acoustic levels – standard, silenced, and super silenced
  • Inverter fans and scroll compressors

ScrewLine-I Range

  • 280kW-1400kW
  • Larger sizes in modular form
  • All utilise inverter driven screw compressors and available with the latest HFO refrigerants

Options include:

  • Range in capacity from 15kW to 1450kW
  • Inverter or Multistage scroll and screw compressors
  • Choice between R1234ze, R32, R410a and R513a refrigerants
  • Heat recovery mode
  • Onboard pumps
  • Onboard buffer tank
  • Control interface
  • Ambient temperature range
  • Coil protection
  • Elcetrical upgrades and starter options
  • Compresssor noise reduction
  • Hi Static fan options

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