Monash University - Clayton Engineering Thermal Precinct

As a top-ranked University both in Australia and worldwide, Monash represents excellence, innovation and low-emission equipment. With over 86,000 students and 17,000 staff, this institution is powerful in its service of the local and global community. 

Their Clayton campus is the largest of all 4 Australian Monash campuses, with over 26,000 students. Containing 8 faculties, this campus’ engineering thermal precinct has its sights firmly set on net zero emissions. 

On behalf of Monash University, the mechanical contractor responsible for overseeing the engineering precinct’s HVAC plantroom sought out Masterflow to provide the array of chilled water and heating water pumps required, thanks to our reputation for specifying, sourcing and manufacturing the highest efficiency pumps on the market. 

  • Location:Clayton (VIC)
  • Industry:Education

Our Process:

After discussing the plantroom specifications, efficiency requirements and project goals carefully with our client, Masterflow provided a total of 18 pumps to this site, all with inertia bases and seismic restraints included for stability, as well as compliance with the scope of works as described in the mechanical scope. 

The Baker Bloc models were supplied, each in close-coupled configuration to create space efficiency while removing the need for an on-site coupling alignment post installation. Learn more about Baker Bloc pumps here

Furthermore, compliance with building construction codes was also important as it is on every project. In HVAC, there are specific guidelines set out in the National Construction Code (NCC), Section J which must be complied with.


The thermal precinct’s goal of achieving NCC Compliance as it aims for net zero emissions has been achieved through the use of our pumps, with an MEI of > 0.4 being proven across all testing.


The desired static head was achieved, with fulfilling expectations on pump performance, efficiency and reliability being cornerstones of the Masterflow customer experience. 

To learn more about what Masterflow has to offer, share your project details with us and our recommendations will reach you shortly. 

Solutions Used