Centrifugal and Motor Pumps: The SW Baker Family

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baker family

Introducing the Baker family…

The SW Baker (SWB) pump is a trademark of Masterflow Solutions and has been sold extensively into the mechanical and building services sector in Australia since the late 1980s.

There are three in the SWB family:

  • The Baker Flow – a bare shaft pump, available in sizes up to 250mm outlet is long coupled to a motor/engine on a fabricated baseplate.
  • The Baker Bloc – a close coupled end suction motor-pump available up to 150mm outlet.
  • The Baker Line – an in-line vertical pump which is an ideal choice when plant-room floor space is limited. The suction and discharge are on the same axis line. Available up to 200mm outlet.

You’ll hear us using these short terms to describe the Baker family:

  • SW (Baker Flow, the original)
  • BB (Baker Bloc, the sturdy one)
  • BL (Baker Line, the in-line pump)

These are Back Pull Out (BPO) centrifugal pumps, and are manufactured to the DIN/EN733 European standard. 

The BPO pump design was introduced to the world in the early eighties.

Prior to this, the pumps were pedestal mounted with an overhung casing.

The BPO pump revolutionises this, with the pump casing having integral bolt down feet, leaving the element free to be removed without disturbing the pipework.

The Back Pull Out feature is present in all three pumps of the Baker family.


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