R32 Chillers boasting low GWP, for varying load conditions

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With a global reputation for innovation and environmental progressiveness, Clivet have again demonstrated their all-inclusive approach in extending their range of 4pipe chillers and heat pumps. The Clivet SpinChiller range as distributed by Masterflow in Australia, specifically covers the 670kW – 1260kW spectrum, and all using R32 refrigerant. The environmental benefit of R32 refrigerant is it offers a low GWP (Global Warming Potential = 675). Further to this, Clivet chillers incorporate Multiscroll technology and high-efficiency EC fans. If you are involved in projects that have varying loads and/or are noise sensitive, then this will be a key factor for your HVAC design as recently spelt out in a CCN article. For project design support, reach out to our chiller team at Masterflow on (07) 3103 7055 or sales@masterflow.net.au