Yamanto Shopping Centre

Yamanto Shopping Centre is a modern, state of the art shopping centre that opened to the public in 2021.  

Spanning 20,000 square metres with three levels and home to 44 stores, it is vital to the developer that this space offers a relaxing, comfortable and positive customer experience to the local community. 

The project was developed by DMA Partners, a specialist property development group that has worked with organisations and corporate entities including the Queensland Government, Lendlease and Stadium Queensland – and pride themselves on exceeding client expectations for quality, timeliness and tailor-made results. 

Masterflow and DMA Partners, aligned in their standard of excellence, worked to ensure that this centre’s HVAC system delivered uncompromising results, ensuring comfort for shoppers and dependable, cost-effective performance for the developer’s client.

  • Location:Ipswitch (QLD)
  • Industry:Retail

Our Process:

Keeping a project of this scale cool, with consistent performance in temperature transfer, stellar efficiency and bulletproof reliability, cannot be achieved without the correct choice of chiller. 

Masterflow took the project’s cooling load requirements, ambient and climate conditions, and system design elements into account in order to ensure the optimal selection was made.

We supplied 12 Clivet Rooftop Packaged Heat Pumps. As these heat pumps can provide both heating and cooling, they are an excellent choice for projects that involve treating temperature for the comfort of individuals, year-round.


We are pleased to report that our supplied heat pumps have satisfied the Energy Rating and Consumption target set by the client, whilst featuring thermodynamic heat recovery and CO2 control as requested. 

The Clivet machines have 2 stages of heat recovery, which accommodate the client’s heat recovery requirements. The first stage of heat recovery is achieved via the THOR unit installed on the units, recovering energy and reducing high side pressure on the compressor circuit.

The second stage of heat recovery is achieved through the redirecting of spill air onto the condenser coils, reducing the airflow onto the coil in summer, and increasing air onto the coil in winter. This win-win technology is a high utility feature in achieving versatility within a single unit, and is part of what makes these Clivet heat pumps so powerful year-round. 

Our units were fitted with coil protection, enhancing longevity to save the client on long-term maintenance, and have fully integrated controls onboard to ensure flexibility.

Solutions Used