Machine Yomanto Shopping Centre

Yamanto Shopping Centre

Yamanto is a state-of-the-art shopping centre in Ipswich that the local community as a place where people can shop, be entertained and relax. 

The client was required to meet an energy rating and consumption target based on modelling for the A/C installation. The unit was also required to read CO2.

What we did

Klima delivered 12 CSRN roof top package units to Yamanto shopping mall in Queensland, fitted with thermodynamic and dual heat recovery, CO2 control

Installing Clivet Unit at Yomato Shopping Centre - 1

The outcome

Clivet had the perfect product the heat recovery rooftop package unit with 2 stages of heat recovery.

First stage via the THOR unit installed on the units to recover the energy and reduce high side pressure on the compressor circuit.

Second stage of recovery via the redirecting of spill air onto the condenser coils to lower the air onto the coil in summer and increase air on in winter increasing the efficiency of the overall unit.

Units were fitted with coil protection, also with fully integrated controls onboard.

Lifting Clivet Unit at Yomato Shopping Centre

Solutions used

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