Woolworth Fish Lane

Built on Melbourne Street, South Brisbane, Woolworths Fish Lane is a metropolitan store located just 700m from the Melbourne CBD. A hub for all things retail and social, and part of the sophisticated Fish Lane Arts Precinct, Woolworths Fish Lane was completed in 2021 by an experienced builder whose mechanical contractor reached out to Masterflow for the supply of heat recovery units. 

  • Location:South Brisbane (QLD)
  • Industry:Retail

Our Process:

Our client in South Brisbane required rooftop-packaged heat recovery units. They also specified the need for incorporated CO2 controls, as these facilitate remote monitoring and control, allowing the system to be adapted to varying load profiles, changes in process requirements and precise matching of chiller performance to system load. 

This results in increased efficiency as capacity is modulated in real time to reflect the aforementioned range of variables. 

These units are excellent candidates for retail and industrial properties, as they do an excellent job of creating temperature control in large open spaces. They are also simple to install and relatively compact. 


A single crane was used to lift our rooftop-packaged units onto the building, with a hassle-free delivery achieved on schedule. 

The Clivet rooftop-packaged unit has saved our client money thanks to its adaptability via CO2 controls, and has been reliable since the point of installation. 

Masterflow prides itself on delivering optimally selected, well-delivered and perfectly installed units to our clients, creating a seamless and stress-free customer experience. 

Solutions Used