Woolworth Fish Lane

Woolworths Fish Lane is a small metro store in South Brisbane, Queensland. Klima provided rooftop packaged units for the HVAC system.

  • Location:South Brisbane (QLD)
  • Industry:Commercial

What we did

This building required a supply of reverse cycle Heat Recovery Packaged Units. They needed to be packaged units with incorporated CO2 control.

The Clivet range offers incorporated CO2 control to manage inside air quality. We ensured the unit had heat recovery capabilities included for improved efficiency.

The outcome

Rooftop packaged units are often seen in light, large commercial applications, especially on retail and industrial properties. These units contain all the components needed to provide conditioned air in one compact unit.

This was ideal for the Woolworths because it allowed a quick, straight-forward installation and a singular crane lift onto the building, as opposed to regular installations that can often involve multiple chillers and other heavy equipment requiring separate crane lifts.

Solutions Used