Wharf 10, Pyrmont

At the foreshore of Pyrmont Bay, Wharf 10 represents the epitome of prestigious commercial real estate. Centrally located to Barangaroo and Darling Harbour, this location offers over 4300 sqm of sweeping Sydney Harbour views, and hosts 40 parking spaces. 

Designed by the award-winning Peddle Thorp and Walker architects, a solution was needed to overcome the challenges presented by proximity to sea water.  

As the plantroom’s old pumps were of plastic construction and had been used for over 10 years, they were at the end of their lifecycle. This became a breakdown job, as the old plastic pumps failed before the Masterflow duplex pump arrived.  

  • Location:Pyrmont (NSW)
  • Industry:Commercial

Our Process:

As the system utilised sea water reticulation, it was important for the pumps to be suitable for sea water in the interest of reliability. Duplex Stainless Steel was selected for the 2x Bakerbloc (Model BB100-26) pumps on the Primary Circuit. On the secondary side as well as the 2x traditional long-coupled Bakerflow pumps Model SW100-26 were selected to replace the old Ajax Elite series Model E100-32. These were direct coupled via spacer coupling to the 18.5kw 4 pole motors

As the contractor wanted as little pipework changes as possible, the Bakerflow SW Series Condenser Water BPO pumps were selected as they are a like-for-like replacement, minimising complications during the installation process.

Sea water’s heavy salt and mineral content is known to damage internal pump components, and in our experience, Duplex grade 2205 stainless steel is an excellent casing material to resist this.


Our client requested that the Seawater Bakerflow pumps reuse the plantroom’s existing inertia bases. We achieved this by fabricating our baseplates to suit the existing configuration. Masterflow’s engineers are prepared to go the extra mile in achieving the vision of our clients. 

Thanks to Masterflow’s extensive experience in supplying products compatible with sea water, this pump replacement has been a success, offering superior temperature transfer performance, energy efficiency and environment-tailored reliability to the prior configuration. 

If you have concerns surrounding the management of a plantroom that has potential exposure to seawater, share them with Masterflow and our engineers will relay their recommended solution to you. 

Solutions Used