Product Description

Our specialised range of high-pressure pumps rate up to 40bar. These come in BakerBloc, BakerFlow, MVM and horizontal split case pump types, and available in a variety of construction materials to withstand these higher pressures. The type of pump selected for a high-pressure application in an HVAC system will depend on a range of considerations. Chilled and condenser water high-pressure reticulation systems will mostly require a different type of pump for those used in high-pressure, high-temperature heating water circuits.

MVM inline pumps with 25bar pressure ratings will suit boiler feed applications and heating circuits for flow rates up to 15 litres per second. For chilled water and condenser high-pressure systems, the BakerFlow BPO end-suction, high-pressure pump offers an ideal solution fpr flow rates from 20-150 litres per second.


Our most commonly chosen high-pressure pump type is the BakerFlow.

The distinctive design features of the BakerFlow high-pressure range include:

  • Wet ends with additional ribbing on volute casing
  • Flange standard with capabilities of high-pressure ratings
  • Mechanical seals rated to 40bar
  • Materials of construction such as Ductile Iron or cast 316 Stainless Steel, depending on the max pressure
  • Performances of up to 300 litres per second
  • Head pressures of up to 800kPa
  • Materials of Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel or Duplex Stainless Steel

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