Wagga Wagga Base Hospital

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital is the largest medical care centre in the New South Wales Inland City. With 325 beds, this hospital supports over 40,000 emergencies, 1,100 births and more than 11,000 operations each year. 

The hospital’s key considerations pertaining to their HVAC system included reliability, thorough filtration, humidity control and the treatment of specialised areas. 

As part of the hospital’s recent redevelopment, Masterflow was contacted by a mechanical contractor of the NSW Government to supply and commission VRF heat pumps for the building’s HVAC system. 

  • Location:Wagga Wagga (NSW)
  • Industry:Healt

Our Process:

To accommodate the varying needs of staff and patients across different zones of the Hospital premises, Clivet VRF (Variable Refrigerant Volume) equipment was installed in the facility’s new wing. In particular, the VRF unit services the critical utility rooms for the new hospital.

Clivet VRF Systems are heat pumps that can heat and cool simultaneously. Their inverter compressors make them highly efficient, as they facilitate modulation of compressor speed to control airflow according to the needs of a space. 

This addressed the client’s key concern of treating specialised areas, with our heat pump units also offering humidity control as VRFs can rapidly adapt to changing loads, offering different treatments to individual rooms and zones.  



We are pleased to report that every aspect of the brief has been met. The Clivet solution provided stellar efficiency, thanks to the flexibility of a VRF Packaged System that can be controlled both locally and remotely. 

Reliability is delivered thanks to Clivet’s excellent standards for build quality, as well as precise, four-stage oil control technology that eliminates compressor oil shortage issues. This is one of the many reasons that Clivet is a trusted go-to manufacturer for Masterflow. 


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