Telstra Clayton Data Centre

Situated in 1822 Dandenong Road, Clayton, this data centre is part of a 10-unit building complex that sold for over $416M in 2020. Given the site’s zoning, this was technically the largest single industrial transaction when Centuria made the purchase from Telstra.  

With over 31,000 employees and a market cap of over $40Bn, Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications service and currently provides retail mobile services to over over 22 million Australians. 

Their Clayton Data Centre required 2x 55,000L thermal energy tanks. As computers can suffer from temperatures that are too high, and in some cases too low, It is imperative for data centres to have a robust HVAC system and measures in place to prevent system downtime. 

  • Location:Clayton (VIC)
  • Industry:Commercial

Our Process:

Masterflow’s engineers prepared to accommodate our client’s needs once the building scope was sent to our team. The internals of these tanks have been carefully designed, engineered and manufactured by Masterflow to ensure correct temperature grading within the tank. To achieve stratification, a sparge pipe was engineered and fitted to the tank, controlling the speed of water entry into the tank, and thereby slowing the rate of temperature changes occurring within the tank. 

When a data centre loses mains power, there is up to 6-minute delay between the mains power loss and the activation of onsite backup generators restarting the chillers. This backup generator period dictates the size of the tanks, as the tanks must hold sufficient chilled water supply to maintain system volume for 6 minutes. 

Maintaining a constant supply of chilled water is critical in preventing malfunction of the servers and data racks. In addition to these tanks offering backup chilled water supply, they create some energy savings by charging the chilled water system during off-peak periods, reducing turning full load operation during peak electricity rates. 


Due to the grand scale of these thermal energy tanks, Masterflow provided a special escort for their delivery. Due consideration had to be given to low-lying powerlines, with all obstacles being overcome for a timely delivery. 

The 55,000L tanks were designed, engineered, manufactured and delivered to site by Masterflow and approved to AS1210 and AS1657 standard as per our client’s request. The two vessels each stand at 5.4 metres with a diameter of 3.932 metres, each weighing 12 tonnes. They stand side by side, posing a formidable presence in the plantroom. 

If you’re seeking an HVAC equipment supplier with experience in ensuring the reliable operation of data centre systems, reach out to Masterflow with your project details and our engineers will apply their expertise to your project. 




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