Space Surveillance Telescope

This $150M telescope was sourced by the U.S. Space Force and is now housed in a facility located in Exmouth, WA. It is used for detecting, tracking and cataloguing satellites, near-earth objects and space debris.  

Weighing well over 100,000kg and with each sensor featuring over 8 million pixels, this telescope is a truly remarkable piece of engineering. Of course, its ideal operating conditions demand for temperature and humidity control, with the Australian Department of Defence’s mechanical contractor on this job, Westside Mechanical, entrusting Masterflow to supply the plantroom’s pumps.   

  • Location:Exmouth, WA
  • Client:Westside Mechanical
  • Industry:Defence

Our Process:

Upon discovering the individual needs of our client on this project, Masterflow’s engineers recognised that a variety of pumps were needed based on the various sections of the Telescope’s housing facility. 

A total of 10 pumps were supplied, including 2x 11 kW Baker Bloc chilled water pumps, 2x 3.7 kW and 2x 3 kW multistage chilled water pumps, 2x 2.2 kW Baker Bloc condenser water pumps and 2 x 0.095 kW circulator chilled water pumps. 

Masterflow always ensures that the appropriate measures are taken in order to avoid unexpected complications on site. Upon quoting the pumps, our engineers recommended the use of larger inertia bases and upgraded springs for 8 of the pumps, allowing the system’s suction diffusion support features to be accommodated. 

Suction diffusers protect pumps by straining foreign particles away from the pump, ensuring proper flow conditions are maintained. Suction diffusers attach to the end of a pump, meaning a larger inertia base is able to have both the pump and suction diffuser mounted to its frame. 


Masterflow is proud to report that the operating conditions of this Space Surveillance Telescope met the strict requirements of the U.S. Armed Forced Space Service branch, with its HVAC plantroom powered by our pumps.  

Operation of this SST was declared operational by the Australian Department of Defense and the U.S. Space Force in September of 2022. 

Even if your project is more ‘down to earth’ than outer space, Masterflow is here to help. Connect with us for our recommendations on the best pumps, chillers, heat exchangers and tanks for your individual project needs. 

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