Royal Australian College of Physicians

This charming heritage building nestled between more modern 1970s style structures and stands as a monument to Sydney early Macquarie era days.

Originally used as a newspaper printing facility, it is now the home to RACP. This is where overseas medical professionals come to validate their overseas training and gain Australian recognition.

In July 2016, an upgrade to their existing chilled water system was approved, and the work finished in July 2018.

  • Location:Sydney (NSW)
  • Client:Tempest Solutions
  • Industry:Healthcare

What we did

Supply two 750 litre Buffer Tanks. In this application, buffer tanks are installed to provide a greater volume of chilled water to the existing circuit to reduce frequent chiller restarts on low loads.

This is a Tempest Solutions design using two 750 litre tanks to give us an additional 1500 litres in the circuit.

The outcome

A single tank of 1500 litres volume was required, but due to space limitations, a single tank was not possible.

The use of two 750 litre tanks in our new standard series designs were an ideal solution fitting neatly in a narrow alcove in the plant room.

Being a standard size in our range, the availability of the buffer tank was with a minimum lead time.

Solutions Used