Optus Campus

Optus Campus at 1 Lyons Park Rd is a sprawling conglomerate of 6 office towers that were built in 2005. The original design was for each office block to be serviced by its own set of chillers.

Due to design changes in 2020, it meant that each office block was interconnected by 250mm stainless pipework so the chillers would operate more efficiently.

  • Location:Sydney (NSW)
  • Client:Lehr Consultants (LCI)
  • Industry:Commercial

What we did

Masterflow involvement was the upgrading of 10 chilled water pumps and 20 Condenser water pumps.

A challenge was to utilise the existing headers and condenser water headers with the minimum of modification. This meant the new chilled and condenser water pumps have the same footprint as the original pumps.

The traditional method of supplying separate Inertia bases was not feasible. Instead, we had to custom design the Inertia Base with integral pump base fully assembled and pre-filled with concrete ready cranage directly to the plant rooms where they were retro-fitted.

The outcome

24/7 operation of chillers meant that pumps were installed in stages to ensure continuity of chilled water at all times throughout the entire changeover.

The additional pipework interconnecting the building meant an increase in volume and thus required the installation of larger expansion tanks.

Masterflow supplied 2 x 750litre bladder tanks for this function.

Solutions Used