Newman Health Service, WA

Opening in early 2023, Newman Health Service is a $61M medical care facility that includes a new emergency department, inpatient beds, emergency and treatment bays, as well as a dedicated medical centre. The building also hosts imaging facilities and consultation spaces. 

Masterlow is proud to play a hand in ensuring efficient and reliable comfort for the end user as the residents of Newman and surrounding areas rely on this space for their healthcare. 

The builder’s mechanical contractor entrusted Masterflow with the design and supply of the 7 pumps used in the facility’s HVAC system, with each being specified carefully according to the individual client and project needs. 

  • Location:New Man (WA)
  • Industry:Healthcare

Our Process:

After receiving the client’s equipment schedule, mechanical spec and technical submission, Masterflow supplied 3x 7.5 kW chilled water pumps, 2x 2.2 kW heating water pumps and 2x 0.5 kW circulator pumps to this site. 

With all pumps designed for an indoor plantroom, a range of bronze, stainless steel and technopolymer impellers were used, with a range of spring, RIS and pipe mounting in accordance with pump weight. Masterflow prides itself on using situation-specific solutions. 

A combination of indoor and outdoor installation was arranged for the pumps in this project, with the high efficiency outdoor motors equipped with additional weatherproofing. While the heating and chilled water pumps had Back Pull Out configuration for footprint optimisation, the circulator pumps were specified with an inline configuration. 



The consultant’s mechanical specification requirement of sourcing all pumps from the same supplier was accommodated by Masterflow thanks to our depth of experience in sourcing a wide range of well-specified pumps. 

Flow rate, operation stability and falling head vs quantity curve requirements were all met, as were duty point specifications.  

If you’re looking for specialised solutions from an experienced team that pays attention to the details that others overlook, connect with Masterflow to share your mechanical spec with us and discover our recommended solution.



Solutions Used