Monash University, MADA Workshop

Monash University is consistently among the top-ranked universities in Australia, placing 5th in the country and 42nd in the world for 2024 by QS World University Rankings. A research-intensive university, Monash University is a trusted institution amongst students, parents and employers both locally and globally. 

Their MADA Master’s Room, a new student facility engaged for the architecture cohort, required a new HVAC rig for buildings D and E, serviced by an existing plantroom that was set to be replaced by a new rooftop mechanical services switchboard.  

  • Location:Clayton (VIC)
  • Industry:Education

Our Process:

Once Monash University’s mechanical contractor shared the new building’s mechanical specification and schedule of equipment with Masterflow, our engineers set to drafting and selecting the best solution on the market. 

A Bakerflow heating water and chilled water pump were each supplied, selected with compatibility amongst the new system’s high end harmonic and RFI filtering VSD in mind, as our engineers leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of headache-free supply, testing, installation and operation. These long-coupled pumps were laser aligned on site by Masterflow to ensure that both the coupling and pipework were correct.  Learn more about the importance of on-site laser alignment here. 

Masterflow also supplied the new system’s buffer tank, a 1500L unit with 500 kPa design pressure, tested to 750 kPa during hydrostatic testing at -7°C to 750kPa for 30 minutes. The tank was supplied with a hydrostatic testing certificate, giving our client peace of mind surrounding the integrity of our tank. 


During pre-completion testing, our pumps successfully met specification to tolerance factors of AS 2417: Grade 2, as per the mechanical specification, with their quality satisfying EN 733. The supplied gear met specification from top to bottom, resulting in a happy customer who is reminded of their motor’s stellar efficiency with every energy bill! 

If you’re after a similar experience, share your design needs with Masterflow and our specialist engineers will focus their expertise on identifying the perfect pump for your project. 

Solutions Used