Logan Hospital Expansion

Brisbane’s Logan City region is a high growth area, with a further 100,000 people expected to move into the area within the next 15 years. 

Accordingly, the region’s local hospital has recently undergone a major expansion that commenced in January of 2022 and involved a 48% increase over prior capacity. Stage 1 alone was a $460M operation. 

The hospital’s expansion entailed 318 new beds and treatment spaces, four new floors, refurbishing of existing floors, 1506 new parking spaces, 5 additional birthing suites, and a new clinical services building. 

Masterflow was brought in by the QLD State Government’s mechanical contractor to ensure that the plantroom was capable of handling the building’s new demands.  

  • Location:Yatala (QLD)
  • Industry:Healthcare

Our Process:

Given the hospital’s enormous area growth, a corresponding increase in staff and visitors was inbound, in turn requiring a corresponding increase in HVAC performance. However, there was no such increase in the size of the plantroom. 

As such, the primary consideration and challenge in completing this job was managing an increase in performance while maintaining energy efficiency, and doing so with limited plantroom space. 

Bakerflow pumps with inline configuration were used for space conservation. The client’s mechanical specification required ‘High Efficiency’ classified motors in accordance with MEPS2’s Table A3, and we identified a qualified inline model. 

Alfa Laval heat exchangers were used without creating a space conflict, as modular solutions deliver the performance of a large heat exchanger without demanding that any bulky machinery is used, as the power of several smaller exchangers is combined. 


The challenge of using a plantroom that was originally designed to regulate the temperate and air quality of the hospital’s prior space, to regulate the expanded space, was successfully overcome with the use of inline pumps and purpose built heat exchangers 

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