Karratha Health Campus

Karratha Health Campus is a 24/7 emergency care department that serves the greater Pilbara region through ambulatory care services, a day surgery, inpatient unit, outpatient clinic, allied health services and medical imaging just to scratch the surface of their operations. 

Costing $173M and more than half a million man hours to build, Karratha Health Campus is the largest ever investment in regional Western Australia’s history. 

Masterflow was commissioned by the Department of Health’s mechanical contractor, Envar Engineers, for the supply of air/dirt separators on this new building. The client was seeking low-noise machinery delivered to tight deadlines. 

  • Location:Karratha (WA)
  • Industry:Healthcare

Our Process:

Masterflow supplied Optivent Air/Dirt Separators to this site, with one set for heating water designation, and the other set for chilled water designation. These separators have the unique advantage of an internal stainless steel structure which optimises separation while offering exceptional longevity. 

The sealed units used on this site reduce commissioning time as there is no need for manual bleeding of the system, and were an excellent fit for our client’s noise specifications as they do not produce the ‘gurgling’ sound often created by inferior separators without an internal stainless steel structure. 

The separators were supplied as part of a full pressurisation package including a buffer tank, dual pumps, pressure switch, valves, gauges a V/F run relay for BMS connection. This meant they were installation-ready upon delivery, without missing or incorrectly specified ancillaries. 


Despite the client’s remote location, Masterflow ensured a fast delivery of the best solution for their individual project needs. A high quality product without unnecessary delays is available Australia-wide to Masterflow’s customers. If you’re in need of economical, top-shelf solutions for your project, share your project needs with Masterflow and we will be in touch with a proposition. 

Our client’s desired low-noise operation and timely delivery were catered to, with the installation-ready units creating a smooth journey from supplied to up-and-running.


Solutions Used