Ipswich Health Plaza

First opening in 1994, Ipswich Health Plaza offers community health services to local residents, including mental health services, allied healthcare, nursing services and general practice.  

The building required a chiller upgrade, and along with this, a new buffer tank was necessary. Masterflow supplied this, along with a full pressurisation unit including safety relief valves, expansion vessels, air/dirt separators, valves and a pair of dosing pots. 

  • Location:Ipswich (QLD)
  • Industry:Health

Our Process:

A 4000L Aquazone Buffer tank in horizontal configuration was supplied due to its compatibility with the chiller’s minimum water volume requirements. It was fitted into the plantroom next to the chiller, and as specified, remained within the weight constraints of the building structure.

We also supplied ancillaries and accessories to the buffer tank including Optivent sealed air/dirt separators for purification of the piping network, expansion tanks with 6 bar relief valves and quick fill kits, a 14 litre dosing pot, and backflow prevention refill unit along with a full instrumentation package for making comprehensive and accurate readings. 

Closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene insulation was used to satisfy the NCC’s mandated conductivity value of R1.8, in an enclosed space exposed to Brisbane heat and humidity. The lack of air circulation amidst the heat makes tanks prone to ‘sweating,’ which can cause a damp plantroom and even loss of water supply over time. This effect is negated by the polyethylene’s excellent moisture resistance properties. 


We are pleased to report that the requirements of the Queensland Government’s mechanical contractor for this project have been satisfied by Masterflow’s supplied machinery.  

Five years following the completion of this job in 2016, we supplied a pair of 4kL buffer tanks – this time in vertical configuration – to Ellis Air, a testament to our tanks’ durability and reliability. They were also repeat customers of the ancillaries and accessories used on this job, an indication of their utility and quality. 

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