Humiscope is a designer, builder and provider of commercial climate controlled rooms with 4 locations across Australia, including New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. Controlling temperature and humidity with precision, safety and consistency are what Humiscope delivers to their clientele.

The Humiscope Building conducts testing for the dehumidifying rooms, drying rooms, cold rooms and low dew point rooms that it builds for clients. As such, it is imperative that Humiscope’s chillers and HVAC machines are highly specified, accurate and dependable. This project was in need of an outdoor-installed glycol chiller for use in its cold room.

  • Location:Sydney (NSW)
  • Industry:Commercial

Our Process:

For this project, we provided a 218 kW Air Cooled Glycol Scroll Chiller from Clivet. The glycol system provides the advantage of reducing temperature pull downtime, improving temperature recovery time and increasing temperature holding time – features that were necessary in meeting the finely tuned needs of Humiscope and their clients.

As the chiller was being installed outdoors, Masterflow provided anti-corrosion coating on the chiller’s condenser coils in order to further reinforce reliability and longevity in the chiller, providing the best customer experience possible and reducing long-term maintenance costs, as well as optimising operating efficiency to save running costs throughout the chiller’s lifecycle.


After meeting Humiscope’s brief, the project was successfully closed as both parties were satisfied with installation and operation. 

In using the Clivet Air Cooled Glycol Scroll Chiller, Humiscope has continued to please its clients with consistent performance to exacting standards.


Solutions Used


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