Goulburn Hospital

Goulburn Hospital is a public district hospital in NSW, within 1km of Goulburn’s CBD. As the area’s major hospital, Goulburn Base received a $165M redevelopment from the NSW Government in 2019, set to cover a new mental health building, health care worker accommodation, 4-storey clinical services building, and car park. 

In catering to the new air conditioning and ventilation requirements of the hospital’s new development, the NSW Government’s mechanical contractor entrusted Masterflow with the supply of 6 pumps and a pressurisation package. 

  • Location:Goulburn (NSW)
  • Industry:Healthcare

Our Process:

Masterflow supplied 2x chilled water and 2x condensing water pumps to this site, each of them configured as centrifugal close-coupled pumps with Back Pull Out (BPO) design, accommodating a compact footprint and easy maintenance. The heating water pump is a vertical multistage configured model, with a 3 kW motor operating up to 2900 RPM. 

The client experienced some challenges during commissioning. Masterflow’s team were able to attend their site at short notice to assist with commissioning, and swiftly resolve flow issues in their system. 

In addition to the pumps, an Aquaflex expansion vessel was provided as part of a pressurisation system that included:

  • 1 x 4 bar Safety Relief Valve.
  •  1 x Automatic Refill Unit Model MPU2-30, with break tank, 240V pump (max operating head of 260kPa), pressure switch, gauge and valves all assembled inside wall mount cabinet and factory tested.
  • 1 x 15mm Quick Fill Kit – 1-5bar Pressure Reducing Valve and Gauge.




Following the order placement, but prior to delivery, a design change had been decided upon by the mechanical contractor. Masterflow were able to satisfy the additional capacity required, without having to upgrade the pump.

Such a change was facilitated by Masterflow’s assembly and testing being conducted in Australia. Short notice flexibility is one of many benefits of working with a local supplier that has in-house manufacturing capability. This was also achievable thanks to the broad scope of our pump’s curves, and their ability to meet various duty points depending on the demand within the building, whether it is summer or winter, requiring more chilled water, or heating water. 

Because Masterflow’s after-sales care is highly attentive, our clients can access the helping hand that saves countless headaches. We are focused on identifying solutions throughout the drafting, delivery, installation and maintenance processes.  


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