CSIRO RV Investigator

The Building:

The Marine National Facility’s Investigator ocean research vessel is 94 metres long and delivers up to 300 research days per year.

It’s area of focus is from the tropical north to the ice edge in Antarctica. This research helps inform the sustainable management of these areas.

The Investigator has a modular containerised system. The HVAC system is stored inside a shipping container. We were asked to supply AS1210 certified tanks to replace two existing non-compliant tanks.

The Client:

CSIRO is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation of Australia. It’s managed by the Australian Government and is dedicated to research and the sustainable products of this research in and around Australian territory.

Being a government body, system sustainability & compliance are of high importance. That’s where we come in.

  • Location:At Sea
  • Industry:Government

Our Process

Masterflow Products Used: 2x 200L Aquaflex Expansion Vessels

The mild steel tanks we provided had EPDM replaceable bladders and were charged onsite with nitrogen via Shrader valves, which we also included in the package. These tanks were floor-mounted and had an external grit-blasted coating. We also included a Pressure Gauge & Relief Valve (preset to 400/600/800) for the air chamber side.

The client requested that we provide a complete design and AS1210 verification for these tanks, which needed to be approved before installation.

After our WorkSafe submission was completed with the Form PD3, the materials were procured and the tanks were fabricated. We hydrostatically tested the tanks to ensure the required design pressure of 1000 kPa and the design temperature (0-99 degrees Celsius) could easily be reached.

These tanks were delivered successfully, all within the imposed time constraints.

The Outcome

Masterflow’s Aquaflex Expansion Tanks bring peace-of-mind to building managers at CSIRO, knowing their Australian-made equipment is certified according to Australian standards.

We provided the following documentation to CSIRO upon delivery:

  • WorkSafe Form PD3 for the tank design
  • Welding Procedure Specifications & Qualification Records
  • 3rd Party Inspector to carry out the final visual inspection and provide certification on the welding
  • An MDR/HTC with the above information as part of the final delivery documentation

Solutions Used