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Concord Hospital

Concord Hospital, officially known as Concord Repatriation General Hospital (abbreviated CRGH), was the landmark hospital for our soldiers that fought so bravely for our country in World War 2.

Established in the early years of WW2, it became a primary point of health services for returning servicemen and servicewomen during and after WW2.

Along with its world-class clinical research and education facilities, its specialist burns unit continues to be a key point of attraction nationally.

What we did

Since 2001 Masterflow Solutions has and continues to provide support and maintenance to the pumping equipment stationed across the various buildings.

In 2018 Masterflow was engaged by the HVAC contractor under Watpac Constructions to supply and commission 11 x Baker-Flow pumps for the Early Works Enabling facility.

This is essentially the replacement and upgrade of the Steam and Airconditioning equipment, including the pumping systems, that was installed over 50 years ago.

Installation at Concord Hospital 2

The outcome

All the interested parties up to the lead mechanical consultant and hospital engineers approved Masterflow equipment for its quality and proven lifespan of the Bakerflow pump range.

A hospital built during a global war saw fit to align with a global brand of war-grade construction; the Baker brand by Masterflow Solutions.

Installation at Concord Hospital 2

Solutions used

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