Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is an independent, comprehensive cancer centre, focusing on all types of cancers for both the public and private sectors.

Located adjacent to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) and the University of Sydney in Camperdown, this hospital centre has become one of the most highly regarded institutions for screening, diagnosing and treating cancer patients locally and from abroad.

  • Location:Sydney
  • Client:A G Coombs
  • Industry:Healthcare

What we did

Our engineering team here at Masterflow were engaged to design and supply monitoring equipment for the operating theatre chairs.

Masterflow’s reputation as a supplier of premium quality and reliability was chosen to provide this level of protective monitoring device for the hospital’s state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar medical equipment. Predominantly the temperature within the rooms is crucial to ensuring the medical equipment operates correctly.

Within the plantroom, Masterflow was also employed to provide expansion vessel equipment, for the protection of the chilled water plant from over-pressuring. As with any closed-loop chilled water circuit, an expansion tank is always necessary in order to absorb the pressure changes that result from the constant changes in temperature.

As temperature increases, so does the pressure. Without an expansion tank installed, the valves, equipment or pipework will suffer strain and eventually fail from the absence of the pressure escaping.

In the event of a highly charged pressure situation, the Masterflow relief valve installed on the expansion tank will release pressure providing a further means of protection on the system.

The outcome

A Combination Pressure & Temperature Monitoring system was designed and supplied, incorporating a temperature sensor and 2 x pressure sensors to provide the differential pressure.

These were then wired back to a wall-mount control panel with a digital display and stainless steel cover for protection. The criteria of a compact and customisable controller with reliable sensors were achieved.

The chilled water plant room features a Masterflow Aquaflex series 850L, 10bar rated expansion tank with a 400kPa relief valve.

Solutions Used