Midea SSM installation at cavill avenue surfers paradise

Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise

Cavill Avenue is a street pedestrian mall on the Gold Coast. It is in the heart of surface paradise, and is named in honour of the Surfers Paradise founder James Cavill. Klmia did the Chiller replacement – Air Cooled Modular scroll chiller

What we did

There was an existing water-cooled system, the client didn’t have time available for cranes to lift new equipment into the central roof area, was a too large lift as it was in Central Surfers paradise.


The outcome

Midea SSMC series was proposed whereby we offered 7 modular air-cooled chillers that fit the existing cooling tower platform.

The chillers were light enough to lift onto the roof edge area allowing rigging experts to move them across to the platform, this allowed the project to meet time restrictions and also the costs benefit of an air-cooled product.

Modules were also supplied with corrosion protection to frames and coils.


Solutions used

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