Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise

27 Cavill Avenue is home to an Australian-based International retail company with over 1500 stores across the globe, one of which being located on Cavill Avenue in the shopping and entertainment district of Surfers Paradise 

The client’s existing water cooled chillers required replacement due to being end of life, causing the unit’s efficiency to dive as energy bills were skyrocketing and maintenance costs became excessive.

  • Location:Surfer’s Paradise (QLD)
  • Industry:Commercial

Our Process:

Masterflow provided Clivet Air Cooled Modular Scroll Chillers, offering lower maintenance costs when compared to the prior-installed end of life water cooled units, as well as achieving a smoother installation process and the benefit of chemical and water costs being eliminated. 

Installation was required to the central roof area of the commercial structure, which typically calls for chillers to be crane lifted to the rooftop due to the sheer size of the chillers often required for large commercial buildings. 

However, the client was also working with strictly limited time restrictions, and did not have sufficient flexibility in the project schedule for the large chillers that would typically be required for a building of this scale to be delivered via crane. 


To ensure an exceptionally timely delivery for this client’s imposing deadline, Masterflow’s engineers determined that the best solution was to use 7x 85 kW chillers, rather than a small handful of larger chillers. 

This allowed rigging experts to facilitate delivery to the rooftop area without the need for a crane lift, resulting in successful installation prior to the client’s deadline. 

The client is now benefitting from reduced operating expenses thanks to improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance demands and stellar reliability, saving money on every energy bill whilst enjoying an upgrade in cooling performance. 

Solutions Used


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