Bathurst Aquatic Centre

State-of-the-art aquatic centre using Masterflow pumps

One of the most sophisticated aquatic centres in NSW, that has been built in Bathurst has had pumps supplied by Masterflow.

This highly sophisticated $12.5million four-pool complex, features an 8-lane outdoor Olympic-sized pool, an indoor 8-lane 25-metre pool, an indoor program pool and a children’s play pool.

What we did

In addition to the standard end-suction DIN 24255 Baker Pumps supplied for the primary heating water, we also provided a cost-effective solution for the spa and pool heating circuits.

For these circuits, we offered the Southern Cross DPV range of multi-stage in-line pumps.

All wetted rotating components are stainless steel with a tungsten carbide hard faced mechanical seal. They are rated to 25 Bar and come complete with companion flanges with BSP female-threaded connections.

Another major benefit of these pumps is their simplicity and economy for repairs.

This is brought about by the reduced axial thrust achieved by the application of in-built thrust bearings being located in the pump rather than in the motor.

This feature allows a standard metric frame motor to be used, thereby creating a simple, more economical means of motor replacement, a distinct advantage over other multi-stage pumps which have their own unique motors fitted.

In summary, we provided:
• The pumps were supplied on top hat section bases with RIS mounts supplied loose.
• For the 25-metre pool the DPV -10-2 (2.19 litres/sec @ 180mps) was chosen.
• For the 50-metre pool, we selected the DPV 18-2 (5.06 litres/sec @ 150kpa) while the spa pump was the DPU4-26T (0.97 litres/sec @ 150kpa).
• A fourth pump (not pictured) is the leisure pool heating pump which was the DPU 18-1 (4.34 litres/head @105kpa).

The outcome

Provided multistage in-line pumps. These are ideal for plant room as the in-line configuration is extremely compact; the small footprint allows for more floor space.

Solutions used

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