5 Talavera Rd, North Ryde

To meet the need for reliable cooling in commercial spaces, a new project at 5 Talavera Rd, North Ryde aimed to use advanced technology to keep the communications and data rooms cool. The client wanted an efficient and dependable cooling system, so they chose Clivet for its strong reputation in handling critical infrastructure cooling. 

  • Location:North Ryde (NSW)
  • Industry:Commercial
  • Date:January 2011

Our Process:

The project involved the installation of a Clivet WSAT-XSC chiller, complemented by an external heat exchanger and pump unit. The selection of Clivet was based on its ability to satisfy all criteria set forth by the client, ensuring not only efficient operation but also cost-effectiveness in maintaining optimal temperatures for sensitive equipment. 

The WSAT-XSC chiller model, specifically the WSAT-XSC85D, is equipped with advanced features designed to enhance performance and reliability. The chiller incorporates scroll compressors with thermal overload protection. Refer below for more details about the chiller.

Special Features 

  • Hot dip galvanized and painted plate structure with pre-painted external paneling for maximum weather resistance.
  • Direct expansion heat exchanger with 316 stainless steel braze-welded plates and anti-condensate heat insulation.
  • External heat exchange coil with aluminum fins and copper tubes, optimized for efficient refrigerant feeding and heat transfer.
  • Helical fans with “Winglets” for enhanced efficiency and reduced noise levels, coupled with a robust electrical panel ensuring safe and controlled operation.


The installation of the Clivet WSAT-XSC chiller in North Ryde highlights Clivet’s dedication to reliable and innovative cooling. The chiller’s advanced technology and robust design set industry standards for efficiency and performance. It surpassed client expectations, showcasing Clivet’s ability to provide top-notch solutions for challenging environments. 



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