5 Parkview Drive, Sydney Olympic Park

With over 4300 sqm of partitioned space, 5 Parkview Drive is home to the DXN SYD-01 data centre. It is an ISO27001 Information Security certified centre, offering its clients private cloud service technology, interactive monitoring tools and stringent on-site security. 

The nature of its use as a data centre makes 24/7 operation essential. The property has its own backup power with small diesel engine and solar power and has HA 1200 amps of power, and in an effort to keep its HVAC system similarly prepared for any challenges, an extensive alarm system has been incorporated.

The data centre’s priority was reliability and ease of maintenance. As such, they entrusted Masterflow with all the water-side equipment with the exception of the cooling towers. Masterflow supplied equipment included the pumps, Oventrop balancing valves, sectional panel tanks for use under the plant’s cooling towers, and expansion tanks with automatic refill units.

  • Location:Sydney Olympic (NSW)
  • Industry:Commercial

Our Process:

Upon receiving this data centre’s design specification, our engineers began carefully tailoring the specification of each item according to our client’s efficiency needs, plantroom space, and desired performance. 

In conjunction with the data centre’s nominated contractors, Masterflow took responsibility for the complete design, installation and commissioning of the sectional water storage tanks. This involved minor civils works and onsite tank construction. 

In addition to the tanks, a total of 6 pumps were supplied, including centrifugal Bakerbloc and vertical Multistage models. All pumps were supplied with a drip tray included, in spring base configuration with spring mounts provided. 

4x 2-way balancing valves were sent to this site, each with electromotive actuators, to control pump flow to the system. 

In order to protect the equipment from system expansion that occurs during the temperature cycle, Masterflow sized and supplied expansion tanks with automatic make-up to the system.


Our recommended products were sent directly to the client’s site. Masterflow prefabricated the pump and tank systems and oversaw the site construction of the panel tanks.

This saved them time, labour costs and margin of error as our installers are trained specialists. We are proud to have delivered an array of equipment within this data centre’s system. It has served the client reliably for over 5 years now, with no major errors or system downtime. 

If you are curious about an experienced one-stop shop for your Data Centre’s HVAC needs, share your needs with Masterflow and our engineers will recommend the appropriate solutions. 

Solutions Used