44 martin place

44 Martin Place, Sydney

Sandstone has good thermal mass properties. But that isn’t enough to maintain comfortable temperature conditions in a building. This is why Masterflow was chosen to supply pumps and related equipment for the chilled & heating water systems at 44 Martin Place, Sydney.

Heritage-listed and built in 1936, this 14-storey building is home to some of the world’s prestigious brands, Rolex included. Ensuring ultra-comfortable temperature conditions was therefore something that could not be compromised.

Major refurbishments were completed in 2010 and again in 2020, with 2 new additional levels built above the existing roof level and an atrium extending from the ground floor to level 12.

What we did

Being a Design and Construct (D&C) contract, Masterflow was engaged to help engineer a pumping system to serve the requirements of the new PowerPax magnetic bearing chillers, boilers and condenser water equipment.

Bakerflow SW series pumps were chosen for their efficiencies at 2900 rpm and less. The chilled water pump efficiencies were over 70% and all motor efficiencies were in excess of 90%.

There was sufficient room within the plant room to allow future servicing of these pumps too. With the pumpsets, Masterflow supplied inertia bases which were filled with concrete on site.

Although the pumpsets were installed in a basement plantroom, the addition of inertia bases raised the pumpsets closer to a serviceable height and lowered the centre of gravity. The effect of lowering the centre of gravity significantly reduced the transfer of vibrations at certain frequencies, and lowered acoustics from the motor.

A total of 18 pumpsets were supplied and installed. 14 x Bakerflow long-coupled pumpsets and 4 x MVM vertical multistage pumps.

Masterflow equipment

The outcome

Masterflow engineers were able to satisfy all the project criteria and contribute towards achieving both the 4 start Green Star Design and 5 star NABERS energy rating.

The contractor was able to successfully achieve compliance to the National Construction Code (NCC) including Section J and close out yet another project of Masterflow equipment with no call backs.

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Solutions used

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