300 George Street, Brisbane

300 George Street, Brisbane is a bustling commercial hub in the core of the Billion-dollar Brisbane Quarter development, boasting 40 storeys of stunning architecture and high-end finishes that accompany the mesmerising views of the Brisbane River. 

With 428 units, 300 George Street is home to hundreds of businesses and represents the enterprising spirit of elevating success and cultivating excellence, creating an environment for Australian businesses to grow and thrive. 

As the developer targets a 5 green star rating, the efficiency of its HVAC system is a priority. Our supplied components were designed to facilitate the client’s specification for smart control temperature systems, high pressure operation and extensive QA documentation. 

  • Location:Brisbane (QLD)
  • Industry:Commercial

Our Process:

Upon receiving our client’s technical spec, our engineers determined the most fitting buffer tanks, multistage pumps and air/dirt separator for their individual needs. Attention to detail is a core value of how our engineers use their expertise to save you from headaches on-site.  

2 large 10,000 L Aquaflex high-pressure buffer tanks were supplied. These were carefully sized to achieve the mechanical spec standard of the tank storing 180 seconds of design flow from the largest capacity chiller. A correctly-sized expansion tank is vital in avoiding the too-often-seen pitfall of undersized tanks experiencing routine spillage and unnecessary liquid losses. 

These tanks were each supplied with a multistage chilled water pump, featuring Back Pull Out (BPO) for rapid disassembly and reassembly, making them highly serviceable while minimising complications and downtime. Additionally, Optivent air/dirt separators were delivered to site as the client. 

Components were sent to site with IP56 weatherproof protection and tropic-proof protection to safeguard their longevity, as well as seismic restraints to bolster their stability in an elevated indoor plantroom. 


A high pressure system and additional QA certification were special requirements of this job that our engineering team took into account from day 1 and incorporated into the decision making process at the design stage. We are glad to report that these outcomes were achieved with pleasure as Masterflow prides itself on our strict QA procedures, and are delighted to showcase our stringent standards. 

Solutions Used