130 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

130 Lonsdale Street is a 60,000 sqm luxurious office building with 35 floors, with 4 separate skyline terraces and enviable access to amenities, including access to 1 of only 5 green spaces in all of Melbourne’s CBD. 

Developed by Charter Hall, a giant in property investment with over $68Bn in assets under management, the quality and efficiency standards of this project are second to none. 

Masterflow was brought into this project by the HVAC plantroom’s mechanical contractor, who selected us for the sourcing of high pressure pumps and air/dirt separators. Having now supplied for 2, 130, 460 and 555 Lonsdale Street, Masterflow’s gear can be found throughout this thriving Melbourne CBD address. 

  • Location:Melbourne (VIC)
  • Industry:Commercial

Our Process:

A total of 17 centrifugal pumps including chilled water, condenser water and heating water models were supplied. Across the range of pumps supplied, both long and close-coupled pumps were selected, with one in-line circulator pump used as a secondary heating pump. Our engineers ensure that every detail is optimised for practicality and efficiency during specification, even on the largest of jobs. 

With working pressure of up to 2000 kPa, Masterflow’s experience has taught us that there’s more to creating reliable high pressure pumps than a tech data sheet might suggest. Our engineers specified ductile iron pump casings for this project, with additional casing reinforcement in the interest of durability.

 A handful of supplied pumps had their baseplates extended by 700mm to accommodate a suction diffuser, providing economical and compact pump protection by straining foreign particles from the pump, whilst providing it with appropriate flow conditions. 

Furthering the reliability measures taken in aiding the longevity of these high performance pumps, Masterflow supplied Optivent Air/Dirt Separators to this client. These serve to prevent the formation of air pockets that could destroy seals and affect water flow to chillers, sacrificing performance and potentially requiring both system downtime and costly repairs.  




The client’s needs were considered in detail, resulting in a broad range of pumps being specified and supplied. The client’s investment is protected both thanks to the use of suction diffusion, and air/dirt separators. 

If you’re after a pump supplier with in-house engineers that specialise in HVAC solutions and are invested in your project’s success, contact Masterflow and let us know your pump’s application, configuration, flow rate and more for a quote.

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