2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne is a premium commercial office space directly opposite Melbourne’s Parliament Train Station. It was redeveloped by ISPT in 2013, with $42M invested into the skyscraper. 

The redevelopment entailed a substantial upgrade, including its HVAC plantroom, with the endeavor of achieving a 5 Star Green Star office design, 5 Star NABERS energy, and 5.5 Star NABERS IEQ rating. 

Masterflow was brought in by the building’s mechanical contractor to provide high-pressure, high-efficiency pumps.

  • Location:Melbourne (VIC)
  • Industry:Commercial

Our Process:

As these pumps were installed at the base of a 39-level building in the CBD, our client required exceptionally high pressure pumps as per the pressure rating listed in their mechanical specification. Knowing the implications of this, Masterflow provided the pumps with cast stainless casings as cast iron is only suitable up to 16 bar. Pressure levels of 25bar and above require stronger casing, with this system exceeding that threshold. 

With long-coupled pumps being used, an on-site laser alignment of the motor and pump shaft coupling was performed post-installation to ensure optimal running efficiency and the prevention of premature bearing failure. This alignment was highly necessary, as shown below:



The supplied pumps successfully deliver on the building’s pressure requirements, and are still in reliable, smooth operation over a decade later. 


Masterflow is the place to go if you’re in need of efficient, high quality equipment that delivers for years on end. Chat with us today about how we can ensure excellence is achieved in your plantroom.


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