177 Pacific Highway

Located on floors 22-24 of North Sydney’s 177 Pacific Highway, Spur is home to Cisco’s CCIE lab, housed in the iconic 177 Pacific building. Designed by the acclaimed Bates Smart Architectural Studio, this building offers 40,000sqm of premium workplaces that tower over North Sydney in style. 

CISCO is a top-100 Fortune 500 company, with over 80,000 employees and $50Bn in revenue. Their CCIE lab is the Australian head office of the software networking, cloud and security solutions giant.  

As the plantroom that services the upper levels is located on level 3, the pressure demands on the pumps is very high. Based on our experience and knowledge of what is needed for high pressure applications, the customer entrusted us with the supply of every pump and expansion tank in the plantroom.

  • Location:North Sydney (NSW)
  • Industry:Commercial

Our Process:

In meeting the building’s requirements for bulletproof equipment, we supplied pumps with ductile iron casing and high pressure seals, as standard pumps with cast iron casing are only suitable for a maximum pressure of up to 1000-1600kPa. These pumps are suitable for up to 2500 kPa. 

Masterflow provided a Clivet chiller used specifically for the CISCO lab, being a WSA-XSC2 model carefully selected for the needs of CISCO’s computing equipment. This model utilises uneven scroll compressors mounted in a single circuit, electronic expansion valves, and high efficiency plate type evaporators. 

As it uses Clivett’s SpinChiller2 technology, the WSA-XSC2 unit offers Eurovent Class A efficiency and is optimised for partial load operation, meaning highly cost-effective performance throughout the unit’s operating range. As this technology works toward improving the energy class of the building, it therefore elevates its value on the property market.


20 pumps with motor power ranging from 3 to 45 kW were used, including 10 condenser water pumps, 6 heating water pumps and 4 chilled water pumps. Every single pump’s configuration and specification was carefully calculated to ensure optimal longevity, performance and cost effectiveness

Hydronic Equipment

As the setup required 2x high pressure expansion tank rated at 16 bar, as opposed to (the industry standard of 10 bar), supplied with a high pressure backflow prevention refill system.  1000L and 1500L vertical configuration mild steel buffer tanks were each drawn, designed and supplied by Masterflow for this job, equipped with 60mm closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene insulation, known for its propensity to minimise heat transmission.  Optivent Air/Dirt Sseparators were supplied for the removal of air and dirt. In order to enable the system to have its internals removed for the clearing of any large debris that may find itself lodged in the separator, a demountable configuration was used. Masterflow optimises configurations not only for performance and efficiency, but for serviceability as well.


177 Pacific Highway’s HVAC setup has now been in operation for over a decade, without a single failure. This longevity is achieved thanks to purposeful specification that takes the system’s high pressure rating into account, ensuring that everything from case material to seal type is selected with the end user’s operating conditions in mind. 

Installation was easy thanks to the Clivett WSA-XSC2’s combination of inlet and outlet plug fans, as well as their compact unit size when compared to alternatives of similar power output. It’s a highly versatile chiller, with the ability to be positioned in-shaft, in service rooms, or directly in the serviced area. 

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