Product Description

Self-priming pumps are often the best solution if your water source is beneath the level of your pump. For example, using sub-artesian water to provide make up water to a cooling tower or drawing seawater from the harbour for recirculation through a heat exchanger.

Varying tide levels can mean standard centrifugal pumps lose their prime, causing major performance issues with your HVAC plant. The problem of having partial-block foot values is also a compelling reason for installing a self-priming type of pump.


To select the correct self-priming pump for your application, you need to obtain critical information about your system.

On the suction side, you need to measure the vertical height from the water level to the pump centreline. If the source is tidal, then this distance must be the low tide measurement.

On your discharge side the static head plus a list of all the devices installed in the pipework system.

If this is a completely new installation, Masterflow can work though the selection process with you and assist in determining pipe diameter and pump location and determine the best method of control.

If your enquiry is for a pump replacement, then a site measure may be necessary to ensure pipe modification is minimised.

Discharge size options include:

  • 80mm
  • 100mm
  • 125mm
  • 150mm
  • 200mm

Frequently asked Questions

  • Do I need to install a foot valve with a self-priming pump?

    In most cases there is no need for a foot valve because the pump already has an integral flap valve which acts as a non-return valve. This prevents liquid from draining to the water source and ensures there is a residual liquid volume to enable the pump to prime on the next start-up.

  • Can I operate my pump on a closed discharge?

    On a centrifugal pump you can operate on a closed discharge, but only for relatively short periods of timew. operating the pump indefinitely will eventually cause the trapped liquid to heat up and get very hot, causing damage to the pump.


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