How a Prefabricated Pump System Can Save You Time & Money

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Save time and money

How a Prefabricated Pump System Can Save You Time & Money


Masterflow has been supporting the Australian construction industry with high-quality pumps and system components for over 20 years. We offer our customers a comprehensive family of tanks, chillers, high pressure pumps and much more. We have earned a reputation for designing and delivering custom-designed HVAC systems to suit the unique requirements of the most demanding projects.

But installing such a system on site takes time and money. In many cases, it is easier and more cost effective to purchase a prefabricated package pump system. In this blog, we look at the benefits of choosing a prefabricated system.


Financial Savings

Our prefab systems are built and assembled at our workshop and mounted on a skid or platform; with non-prefab systems, after the pumps, chillers, and other components have been delivered, all the piping and wiring has to be performed on site. Due to the longer assembly time and more difficult working conditions, non-prefab systems tend to be more costly. There are certainly situations in which a prefabricated system is not suitable – for instance, where unique space and sizing requirements mean such a system will not fit – and in these instances, having a qualified team of technicians assemble your system on site is your best option. However, unless there is something about your project that makes a prefabricated system unfeasible, it will likely save you a significant amount of time and money.


Faster Installation

The fundamental difference between a prefab HVAC system and a non-prefab system is that non-prefab systems need to be assembled on site, while a prefab system arrives already assembled. A complex, non-prefab installation can take many hours or even days to complete, and as well as notching up labour costs, there are safety issues to consider. Although serious accidents are rare, the use of heavy machinery required to build HVAC systems carries an inherent level of risk, and the longer technicians spend working on the pump system at the job site, the greater the risk of injury. Our prefabricated systems are built in our workshop in a totally controlled environment and are quick and easy to install when they arrive at the job site.


Improved System Efficiency

Building a pump system on site generally means sourcing parts from multiple suppliers and manufacturers, which can lead to a number of complications. Firstly, a system composed of disparate parts is likely to be less efficient than a system for which each part was specifically designed to work as part of the finished whole. Prefabricated systems are therefore likely to be more energy efficient, giving you better, more consistent results at lower operating costs. Our prefabricated systems are built entirely in a controlled environment by our team of expert technicians using the latest tools and equipment, resulting in a higher level of quality control than would otherwise be possible.


Greater Manageability

Another issue with sourcing your system parts from multiple suppliers is that it complicates the maintenance and repair process. If a mechanical issue occurs, it can be difficult to establish which part – and therefore which manufacturer – is at fault. Our prefabricated systems are designed, built, and tested in our workshop, so if an issue arises, you know that Masterflow will be your first and only point of call for prompt, hassle-free repair.


Why Choose Masterflow?

Our technical expertise, unparalleled customer service, and wide range of top-tier products have made us the supplier of choice for discerning industry professionals throughout Australia. To speak to one of our team members today about your next project or for information on any of our products or services,contact us by phone or send us a message online.