Clivet Company Profile

clivet company profile 1
clivet company profile

Clivet was established in 1989 by Bruno Bellò, the inventor of Multi-Function chillers (also commonly known as 4 pipe chillers). Since then, Clivet has become a global leader in the innovation and production of chillers and heat pumps. In the past 10 years it has extended its reach to provide the largest and most efficient rooftop package units on the market, delivering savings in both installation and operating costs.

In 2016 Clivet formed an alliance with the worlds largest manufacturer of HVAC equipment, Midea. As of 2021, the combined turnover of Clivet and Midea stands at over AUD $6.5 billon with secure investments in research & development around the globe.

The list of projects and markets across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia continues to grow as Clivet invests in its people and partners. As a forerunner in carbon emissions reduction, Clivet continues to design and refine its chillers and heat pumps to facilitate refrigerants that are environmentally safe.

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