Woolworths Moorebank

The Woolworths Moorebank National Distribution Centre is a $129M, 66,000 sqm semi-automated warehouse in South Western Sydney. To conceptualise the size of this facility – imagining five combined Sydney Cricket Ground playing fields will illustrate the ballpark land area.  

Due to the nature of the warehouse facility holding both perishable items and cutting-edge machinery, the maintenance of its atmospheric conditions are highly important for successful operation. 

Built by Richard Crookes Construction, an Australian-owned builder founded in 1976, the building’s HVAC plantroom needed a powerful, efficient and easy-to-install solution. Richard Crookes Construction’s mechanical consultant brought Masterflow on board to provide a prefabricated solution. 

  • Location:Moorebank (NSW)
  • Industry:Retail

Our Process

Once Masterflow is engaged to provide a prefabricated pump skid and our engineers are equipped with the design brief, our next step is drafting. During this process, we ensure not only that specifications are met, but that solutions are optimised for ease of delivery, installation and plantroom space as well. 

6x BakerBloc chilled water pumps on single galvanised hex skid, each fitted to a 15 kW motor and providing 22.5 l/s of flow rate and 30 M head as per the mechanical specification. All 6 pumps were fitted to inertia bases with 25mm deflection seismic springs and the package was certified for lifting, compliant with AS/NZ 1170, AS4100, and AS4600 standards. 




Masterflow provides a turnkey offering with its prepackaged systems. This includes a certificate of compliance being processed and provided to our client at no additional cost. This gave the crane company confidence in lifting the packaged unit, streamlining the installation and delivery process. This resulted in a night and day difference between what was experienced by this builder, and what would be experienced on a traditional jobsite:

If you want a similar experience of pain-free pump solutions that take advantage of prefabrication innovation on your site, contact Masterflow and let our engineers understand your needs. We are eager to show the market all of the cost-saving, time-saving and risk minimising benefits of prefabrication. 

Solutions Used