Woolworths Dee Why

Woolworths Dee Why is a 4500 sqm fitout contained within the Meriton Dee Why Retail Precinct; an award-winning, open-air lifestyle precinct in the heart of Northern Sydney. 

Constructed by Inten, a company with core values of timeliness and integrity, the developer’s mechanical engineer decided to order a prefabricated pump skid from Masterflow as not only do our core values align, but their priorities for this project were very well served by the benefits of prefabrication. 

The Woolworths project went from construction to completion in just 14 weeks, with the speedy incorporation of the HVAC system being aided greatly by the use of our prefabricated pump skid. 

  • Location:Dee Why (NSW)
  • Industry:Retail

Our Process

The client required as many features as possible being incorporated onto the prefab base in order to maximally speed up the process, and benefit from maximal peace of mind that our experts designed, specified and fabricated the widest range of their HVAC system’s components to work with one another. 

We fitted a buffer tank, expansion vessel and pumpset with instrumentation, RPZ valves, isolation ball valves and instrumentation assembled in-house. Vertical configuration was used to best accommodate the space requirements of our client’s plantroom.  

Because our prefabricated pump skids are designed and manufactured in-house, there is no point of the specification, manufacturing or assembly process that is not conducted by an expert.

This expertise at every point from commission to delivery means that common oversights, such as the use of concentric reducers rather than the appropriate eccentric reducer when connecting pipework to a pump, are avoided, optimising the efficiency, reliability and value across a pumpset’s life cycle. 



Inten’s highly ambitious deadline of less than 4 months to complete this fit out was successfully achieved, as the entire pump skid was handed over in one afternoon, as opposed to being delivered one part at a time, resulting in lengthy downtime and frustrating uncertainty as to when installation will finally be ready to take place. 

Instead, the team knew when to expect the skid, and their installation process was made simple thanks to pipework, mounting and connections being taken care of in our fabrication facility. 

If your project is in need of efficient, expertly designed and constructed pump skids, join the conversation with Masterflow and discover how prefabrication can accommodate, expedite and exceed your expectations for efficiency, timeliness and performance. 



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