Westfield Mt. Druitt

Home to over 240 stores, Westfield Mt. Druitt is a community hub for local residents and international franchises alike. 

The centre’s recent $55M redevelopment, which includes a new rooftop precinct hosting 15 new restaurants and over 4000 sqm of new GLA, brought with it a need for upgraded HVAC equipment. 

Masterflow was commissioned by Scentre Group’s mechanical contractor to provide pumps and sidestream filtration for the cooling tower circuit as well as pumps for the chiller circuit.  

  • Location:Mount Druitt (NSW)
  • Industry:Community

Our Process:

2x 30kW Bakerflow condenser water pumps were supplied along with 2x Bakerflow chilled water pumps. The chilled water pumps were used on the chiller circuit. As the condenser water pumps were installed on the same level and circuit as the cooling towers, it was imperative to get the NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) correct.  Below is an example of how NPSH is calculated for a specific system. To calculate the right NPSH for your project, click here

To ensure the cooling towers maintain a clean water supply, we provided a screen-type, sidestream filtration system that was fully automatic in operation and backflushing. This sidestream filtration system utilises pressure differential as the motive for self-cleaning on the cooling tower circuit. Our engineers recommend sidestream filtration over cyclone filtration for a variety of reasons. To learn more about the differentiating factors, click here

A 300L, 10 bar Expansion Vessel, 200mm sealed Optivent Air & Dirt Separator with top-fitted automatic air vent, were also supplied by Masterflow and equipped as part of the chiller and cooling tower upgrade. 


Following installation, pumps were laser-aligned on site to ensure the shaft couplings were perfectly aligned, as were the motors. This resulted in hassle-free testing and compliance, with the new system delivering superior heating, cooling, ventilation, serviceability and energy efficiency when compared to the prior used equipment. 

Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or planning to construct a new one, Masterflow is here to help. If you need help calculating the NPSH of your pump – reach out to Masterflow and start the conversation about what your system needs for optimal operation today. 


Solutions Used


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