Waterloo Station

Originally scheduled to open in 2024, Waterloo Station is located in the core of the Waterloo precinct and is situated as a short 2 minute ride from Central station. 

Built as an underground station 25m below ground level and built with today’s standards in mind, it is essential that Waterloo station is well ventilated and the host of clean, safe air for its end users. 

Commissioned by the NSW Government, sustainability, energy efficiency and site safety are top priorities for this modern railway. 

  • Location:Waterloo (NSW)
  • Industry:Goverment

Our Process: 

Upon collecting the project brief and design specifications, Masterflow designed a custom prefabricated skid with pumps and ancillaries that had the client’s plantroom and individual application in mind

In achieving sustainability, the avoidance of premature deterioration is vital. As the plantroom of this station is exposed to weather, corrosion protection was applied to all surfaces POST welding completion, using protective coating to suit atmospheric corrosivity category according to AS specifications. 

Motors are MEPS High Efficiency according to AZ/NZS 1359.5. Totally enclosed fan cooled motors were specified, also aiding the pump’s longevity amongst weather exposure. The pumps enhance reliability in the system’s cooling tower by ensuring the make up systems have adequate capacity. A cooling tower makeup water supply replaces water that is lost throughout the cooling cycle to evaporation. 

If the make up system were to run out of water, this would compromise the critical underground cooling of the station, making these pumps a guardian angel of the cooling tower as they prevent this from occurring.  


Our client enjoyed a smooth, hassle free and injury free delivery and installation process, saving significantly on costs with absolutely zero compromise in quality. In fact, the use of components designed to function together, installed in-house by the same supplier who made the design, directly linked to the commissioning customer, results in a superior outcome to the separate design, supply and installation seen in a traditional job. 

Prefabrication is one of the rare innovations that truly produces a higher quality product and experience while saving costs. 500 Swanson Street, Melbourne is one of many buildings that benefits from using a Masterflow prefabricated skid. 

Thanks to the significant amount of man hours required to fit out the pump skid being conducted in our workshop rather than on the client’s site, including hot works, our client was able to comfortably satisfy their stringent requirements for on-site safety, saving on labour costs in the process. 

By ensuring the client’s performance specifications were met, there is a favourable balance of sustainability and energy efficiency, and minimisation of long term running costs

Despite its original plan to open in 2024, Waterloo Metro Station has been open to the public since November of 2023. Thanks to the many time-efficient advantages of prefabrication, no delays pertaining to the delivery, installation or testing of the station’s HVAC system were experienced by the developer. 

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