VIP Packaging

Clivet supplied one 330kW Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller to VIP Packaging.

This chiller was ordered to replace an existing Carrier chiller which had reached its end of life.

  • Location:Brendale (QLD)
  • Industry:Industrial

Our Process:

As the client’s expenses and performance were being compromised by an outdated Carrier chiller, they reached out to us in need of a more efficient, effective and reliable option that offers longevity. After considering the individual needs of our client’s site, we supplied a 330 kw Air Cooled Scroll Chiller by Clivet. 

Masterflow bolstered this chiller’s reliability with the application of anti-corrosion coating to the condenser coils, frames and panels. As corroded condenser coils can fail rapidly and cause costly repairs and even replacement, Masterflow applies this anti-corrosion coating to all chillers supplied to clients in coastal regions for longevity. 


There has been a sharp decrease in operating costs for our client since the Clivet Chiller has been installed, with improved temperature regulation and consistency that takes advantage of the best efficiency available in modern chillers for greater performance at a lesser cost, preventing wasted energy and relieving the client of the unnecessary expenses incurred by their previous unit

The air cooled chiller is able to provide cooling in summer and heating in winter alike, with a sustainable and eco-friendly source of energy that’s both conducive to strong performance and offers cost-effective service. 

Our client is provided with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty from Clivet, with Masterflow available to troubleshoot and serve the client throughout the lifespan of the product, allowing them to rest assured in the knowledge that they are never alone in diagnosing and treating issues in the unlikely case that they arise. 

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