UNSW K15 Building

Also known affectionately as the ‘Old Main Building,’ the UNSW K15 building hosts many rooms, including K15-150, a 60 fixed-seat lecture room; K15-151, a 38 movable-seat seminar room, and K15-230, a 100-capacity fixed seating lecture room, to name a few. 

The building’s prior installed AC and ventilation equipment had reached the end of its lifecycle, incurring unnecessarily hefty energy bills, compromising on environmental sustainability and causing heat transfer performance to suffer. 

To minimise the temporal, fiscal and man hour costs of replacing the old system, the mechanical engineer engaged by UNSW entrusted Masterflow with the design, manufacturing and delivery of the revised HVAC system’s prefabricated pump skids.

  • Location:Kensington (NSW)
  • Industry:Education

Our Process: 

No Masterflow prefabricated pump skid is designed without first learning the intricacies of our client’s needs. We discovered that this client’s prioritisation was in optimising the operating efficiency and environmental friendliness of their system. Using a prefabricated pump skid is favourable in optimising system efficiency, and this benefit translated to the customer on this job as the pump, chiller and ancillary equipment were designed to operate in harmony.  

As the client required the provision of Automatic control systems, Masterflow provided a unit that was designed with remote automatic controllability in mind. Custom-made results are one of the many benefits enjoyed by clients who choose to take advantage of prefabrication technology. This means that advanced features can be included more reliably than on jobs in which they’re working around system design, rather than with it. 

Masterflow was commissioned to check the resistances of all ancillary equipment, calculate the system resistances, and install pumps with the capacity and power necessary to achieve the specified flow rates against the resistance of the system as installed. We take great pride in completing every aspect of our responsibilities with precision and attention to detail. 

The star of Building K15’s new prefabricated system is the Daikin Air Cooled Chiller with inverter driven hermetic scroll compressors. Its inverter compressors continuously adjusts compressor speed according to demand. Fewer power-consuming starts and stops result in decreased energy consumption of up to 30%, and more stable temperatures. 


We ensured that the supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning and setting to work were taken care of under our expert engineers and fabricators. Masterflow is also the client’s single go-to contact for queries involving warranty, defect liability and maintenance of the mechanical systems. 

The system and chiller’s specifications were  

This means improved efficiency, performance and sustainability for the client, who is able to utilise automatic control of the unit after acquiring it with the smooth delivery, peace of mind and tailor made specifications that only a prefabricated unit can offer. 

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