Stockland Cairns

Stockland Cairns occupies an 11 Hectare site, with 5 major stores, over 100 specialty stores, a 750-seat food precinct and a 6 screen cinema. With over 48,000sqm of lettable space, Stockland Cairns is a major community hub that has served locals since 2009. 

Our client’s developer was in need of a timely delivery and installation as they were set to a tight deadline. They didn’t want to repeat their previous experiences of site downtime as they had to wait lengthy periods for every component of the skid to be delivered, and for pipework to be assembled on site. 

Masterflow was commissioned to draw, assemble and deliver a custom prefabricated pump skid built from the ground up specifically according to this client’s plantroom layout.

  • Location:Earlville (QLD)
  • Industry:Retail

Our Process:

4 chilled water pumps, 2 of which featured Variable Speed Drives, were delivered on our prefabricated skids to this site. The skids were delivered with isolation valves, Y-strainers, C-flex and check valves fitted

This made it fast and easy to install, as the need to assemble pipework, perform hot works, and fit valves and ancillaries onsite was completely removed. Less steps required on site to complete installation meant less plumbers and electricians were needed, not only reducing the cost of labour, but ensuring that the client was able to get ahead of their deadline by attaching a completed skid to the rest of their system in record time. 

There was no need for the client to mount the skid to base plates, as the unit was delivered with a custom-made platform. This platform was purpose-made for the project and its components, fully welded from galvanised steel in our workshop. This is opposed to the traditional method, which requires bolting down, tightening and checking prior to lifting, which adds more time to the delivery and installation process. 


Not only has the client benefited from Masterflow’s high-efficiency, AS1359 compliant pumps manufactured to DIN 24255 standards, but they can be rest assured that the fast installation process actually optimised the job itself. Our prefabrication team doesn’t just take care of a variety of typically on-site jobs in our in-house facility, we complete each job with expertise and experience. This results in common installation mistakes being avoided. 

Our client achieved the completion of their project’s HVAC unit well in advance of their deadline, in no small part thanks to the speedy and efficient delivery and installation made possible by pump skid prefabrication.  

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