Royal Calvary Hospital

Royal Calvary Hospital is the largest private hospital in all of South Australia. It opened in 2020 as a state-of-the-art healthcare facility that cost over $400M to build.  

With 344 single-occupancy rooms, 16 operating theatres, a hydrotherapy room and a 24-hour emergency department, the Royal Calvary Hospital places very demanding needs on its HVAC system. 

Masterflow was commissioned by the builder’s mechanical contractor to supply all tanks and separators for this system, ensuring that reliability and air purity are bolstered. 

  • Location:Adelaide (SA)
  • Industry:Health

Our Process:

As the client required both pressurisation packages and air+dirt separators, Masterflow observed their project scope, carefully specifying and sourcing the ideal components for their project priorities of high efficiency, stellar reliability and pristine water quality for the end user. 

3 pressurisation packages with Aquaflex tanks were provided to site, including a 500L package, 300L package and 100L package. All pressurisation packages used 15mm quick fill kits with pressure reducing valves and gauges 

A second expansion vessel was also provided to the 500L tank, with another 500L nominal capacity tank rated to 10 bar delivered, and designed to operate with the supplied 6 bar relief valve. All tanks featured stainless steel connections and a replaceable rubber membrane, extending the product life cycle. All tanks also featured a 6 bar relief valve, protecting the system against accidental overpressurisation due to system malfunction. 

3 Optivent air and dirt separators were also provided, each with a large throat, automatic top-fitted air vents and a ball valve for the dirt chamber. CCW (condenser water pipework), HHW (heating hot water) and CHW (chilled water) separators were each used, covering the all bases of this system and its configuration.  



Thanks to the unwavering use of air and dirt separators in this system, Calvary Hospital’s HVAC system is protected against debris and dirt in order to run at optimal efficiency with clean air, vital in keeping the hospital’s patients, staff and visitors safe and healthy. 

The client’s tanks are protected by the safety relief valves in each pressurisation unit as they safeguard the tanks, making them impervious to any pressure spikes that occur in the system. We recommend safety relief valves as a cheap yet highly effective insurance policy for your tanks.  

If you like the sound of a supplier that listens closely to your project needs, has HVAC expertise that covers the entire system, and follows a principle of being Better By Degrees, reach out to Masterflow for a quote on your upcoming project. 


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