RMIT - Digital Human Biosciences Facility

RMIT is a world class technology, design and enterprise university situated in La Trobe street, Melbourne. Ranking #1 in Australia in 2022 for career services by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) and #1 worldwide for efforts to reduce inequality by Times Higher Education in 2023. 

Their Digital Human Biosciences Facility contains modernised, high-tech, and expanded-capacity Anatomy provisions. As this building is a redevelopment of a prior facility that housed less temperature-sensitive resources, a revision of the HVAC system was made as part of the redevelopment. 

RMIT’s mechanical contractor entrusted Masterflow with the provision of pumps for the biosciences facility, and air/dirt separators for the university’s thermal reticulation works. 

  • Location:Mill Park (VIC)
  • Industry:Education

Our Process:

A total of 8 pumps were supplied to the Biosciences Facility, including 5 chilled water pumps and 3 heating water pumps. As Masterflow’s engineers have the attention to detail that creates fit to purpose specifications, a combination of inline, vertical multistage and centrifugal BPO pumps were supplied. 

On this job, our Optivent air/dirt separators were used on the chilled water circuit of buildings 5 and 21, as well as the heating water circuits on buildings 2, 5, 10, 7, 9, 15 and 16. The OVAD100-SS, OVAD080-SS and OVAD 065-SS models were used in accordance with their suitability on each circuit. 

Air/dirt separators are vital pieces of equipment in eliminating the ability for harmful contaminants to plague your system, causing downtime and damage. To learn more about Optivent air/dirt separators, click here.


On both the new Biosciences facility and upgraded thermal reticulation works, all desired parameters of the project scope and mechanical services were successfully achieved. 

Masterflow has played our hand in the successful operation of an array of HVAC systems across Melbourne’s top universities, including Monash University, Latrobe University, and RMIT. 

Whether you are the mechanical contractor on behalf of a university looking for an HVAC supplier that has experience with university projects, reach out to Masterflow today. 

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